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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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>> a 14-year-old boy is stabbed >> a 14-year-old boy is stabbed in downtown san
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divers search a solano water way for any signs of an elderly man who failed to return home from work. >> searchers are trying to decide what to do next after scouring the waterfront of mare island today. trying to find a man who disappeared while working on a historic boat. >> reporter: ken, his friend left philip mattingly to work on a tugboat across the water. mattingly hasn't been seen in almost 30 hours. the mare island strait's rapidly moving current forced divers out of the water by the end of today's search. >> the water was too rough. they couldn't stay on the bottom. just kept sweeping them back up to the surface. >> reporter: this man, 77-year- old phillip steven mattingly. >> he's just been overworking.
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i could see it, he looked pretty tired. >> reporter: he struggled with his diabetes medication. in the last year, he put all of his time and energy into restoring this world war ii tugboat, the eugene h. the elderly mattingly stayed late last night to work on it. >> last night, for some reason, he didn't want to leave yet. >> reporter: that was around 5:30 p.m. this morning, mattingly'sson found the doors to the tugboat open, and the coffee pot cold. two things his father wouldn't have done. >> he's definitely determine. in an abundance of caution, we're trying to utilize all the resources we have available to us. >> reporter: friends and family have already prepared themselves for the worst. >> it's going to be rough around here. coming down here, and he's not here, is going to be a real
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change. >> reporter: these are the filled containters the elderly man lifted onto his truck. the son found his medicine from yesterday. it appears his father did not take it. vallejo police will reassess tomorrow morning whether or not to search the water again. gang violence strikes near a popular holiday destination in the south bay. the family celebrated the holiday, a teen was stabbed. >> reporter: christmas in the park downtown ice in the winter wonderland carnival. most of them are families, looking for wholesome fun. while today seemed like just another december day, an act of violence came last night, when a 14-year-old was stabbed next to the carnival.
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>> it would make me think about coming back around here. >> reporter: carnival workers founds a 14-year-old boy bleeding on a grassy area. police say he was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. nearby christmas in the park has its own security at night. >> the circumstances last night, we want to go ahead and focus on that area, obviously, if we have extra additional patrol units, we want to step up enforcement. >> reporter: witnesses told police, the stabbing appeared to be gang related. three suspects, believed to be in their late teens were seen running from the area. no arrests were made. police say they can't recall another violent incident like this in years. >> it's going to make me more cautious and more aware. constantly keeping an eye on the girls and making sure that things are okay. >> i would consider doing it,
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as long as we're in control of the situation. i wouldn't leave them unsupervised. >> reporter: matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. we now know the identity of a man fatally shot in broad daylight near oakland's jack london square. the victim is michael taylor. police say he suffered gunshot wounds just before 3:00 p.m. homicide directives don't know of a motive. oakland police are looking for a driver who hit and seriously injured a motorcyclist last night. the collision happen the about 10:00 p.m. at high street and fleming avenue. witnesses reported seeing a possibly gold sedan hit the victim, and then take off. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. caltrain service is back on
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track tonight after a brief shut down earlier this evening, when a train struck a car in san francisco. somehow the vehicle ended up on the tracks at 16th street near 7th. no one was injured. the accident happened around 5:30 tonight. that's when service was temporarily suspended. thecontra costa times is reporting the identity of a man killed in a skateboarding accident. scott hickerson died when he was struck. he was riding his skateboard in the crosswalk when he was hit. the driver stopped, and so far no charges have been file the. friends gathered in antioch to remember that city's latest homicide victim. >> reporter: shot, in his car, in front of his own house.
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police need tips. they want witnesses. this is a neighborhood full of apprehension. a cluster of candles burn on a dark street. but those who light them don't linger long. nervous, says one man, who shrugs off any fear. >> i want somebody to care about me. he was a good man. >> reporter: he's talking about 43-year-old aaron williams, so the to death just before 11:00 last night. >> what pisses me off is nobody wants to get involved. >> reporter: williams was shot twice. sitting in his car outside his home on banyon way. the circumstances and motive, still murky. in this neighborhood where shootings aren't entirely shocking, people were startled the man in the ambulance was william. >> i never thought it was going to happen to him. because he was a good guy. kind of surprising. >> he had a great personality. he liked to fish.
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every day, we'd talk about fishing. >> reporter: this neighbor, a local pastor said williams was a sanitation worker out on disability. >> it's really disheartening to see something like this. it's just terrible. >> reporter: he blames antioch's violence on a disproportionate amount of subsidized housing. >> the result is gangs, and drive byes and plight. >> reporter: williams friend has this message. >> i ain't scared of boogie man. you need to be in jail. you need to turn yourself in. >> reporter: city staff show antioch's crime rate up more than 40% so far this year, and arrests down some 17%. police blame severe understaffing at this department. leave in antioch, ktvu, channel 2 news. meantime, two teenage girls
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shot to death in oakland last week, were remembered today at two services. 16-year-old bobby sartane was killed standing on a city street. garstel's funeral was held today. police have not made any arrests in the killings. the driver behind a major outage in sunnyvale today will not be cited. the impact knocked the power pole over. witnesses say the driver walked away from the vehicle. about 6500 people were initially affected by the outage. one neighbor says that pole is a crucial power junction. >> on that pole, there's power, there's telecommunications and internet. everything for the neighborhood. it was on that pole. >> power was restored to
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everyone by about 10:00 a.m. the driver will not be charged because it was simply an accident. in business news tonight, yahoo scores a touchdown, making a deal with nbc sports. they will work together on production of content. an nbc executive says the deal will create the number 1 site for sports coverage, and yahoo will gain access to network sportscasters. the backlash against the new uc logo. more than 36,000 signatures. the facebook page dedicated to stopping the logo from being used has collected more than 3700 likes. comments do include some positive feedback, organizers see thanks from the uc marketing director. uc emphasizes it will still use the 144-year-old seal. but that the new logo presents
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a modern look for the university system. an historic day in washington state as same sex couples marry legal for the first time. >> we are now just a few weeks away from christmas, and the u.s. postal service is changing its service. it may help all of you procrastinators. >> a shooting on a california indian reservation leaves four people dead. the possible motive behind today's tragedy shooting. $
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we have developing news out of san francisco at this hour. police say two people, a man and a woman were found bound and gagged lying in the street in the bay view district this evening. both people were alive, but unconscious. the victims were discovered around 8:30 this evening, on brussels street, near manziel street. today was the first day in washington state that same sex couples could legally marry. debra horn has more on the historic celebration. >> reporter: neither the gloom, nor the cold. >> the weather kind of sucks, but inside, i'm a balmy 75 degrees. >> reporter: nor the kicks of a
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child to be. >> i think she's happy too. >> reporter: not even the lack of appointed time. >> we're on stand by today. >> reporter: could keep them away from seattle city hall on this glorious days. after a lifetime of waiting to wed legally. the smiles and the tears came easily. >> i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: we asked bride karen swanson about the import of this day. >> it was important for me to get married today. 18 years later. >> reporter: these couples, five at a time were ushered in and out to say their wedding vows. also basking in the glow of this historic day, seattle mayor, mike mcginn who agreed to turn city hall into a wedding chapel. >> it's a symbol across the country, even across the world about what it means to treat people with equality. >> reporter: then there was a final walk down the city hall
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steps. a legally married couple at last. >> and that was debra horn reporting. washington was one of three states to legalize same-sex marriage during the past election. another big change is underway in the state of washington. coming up in just 17 minutes, how business owners are hoping to take advantage of a new law legalizing marijuana, and not just for medical use. the east bay family of a bicyclist killed yesterday say they are in shock over his death. 66-year-old john pickens was riding on pal mar's road outside fremont when he crashed. his wife says he was a seasoned rider, and wore a helmet. he apparently went off the road to avoid a truck, when the bike slid on gravel, and he fell and hit his head on a rock. he is survived by his wife, three children, and four
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grandchildren. classes are canceled at a sacramento high school tomorrow at students mourn the death of a popular teacher hit by a train. authorities say cathy carlisle was taking pictures of an approaching train, when she was hit from the back by another train. the married mother of three children died at the scene. she was known as a passionate photographer who helped students discover their inner voice. >> she always walked around, with her camera and she saw the ability to convey messages in pictures. investigators say 31-year- old hector is a lice fatally shot his mother, and two uncles
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last night. he also shot and injured a young son, and kidnapped two young daughters. both the girls were shot and wounded during the police chase. police have not disclosed his information. cal state san bernandino officials released information on a graduate student shot and killed last night. officers got a call about a disturbance involving the student at a dormitory off campus at about 6:30. >> during this contact, a physical altercation occurred. officers fearing for their safety fired their weapons striking him in the chest area. >> the student was identified today as 38-year-old bartholomew williams. his family said he had a history of mental illness. one officer was briefly hospitalized. the san bernandino police department is investigating this shooting. continuing coverage now on
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the looming fiscal cliff. president obama met private lily with john boehner at the white house. aides say the lines of communication remain open. it was the first time the two men had met privately since election day. this morning, a republican senator hinted president obama's plan might work at least to change the debate. >> a lot of people are putting forth a theory, and i actually think it has merit, where you go in and give the president the 2% increase that he's talking about, the rate increase on the top 2%. all of a sudden, the shift goes back to entitlements. >> congress has three weeks to prevent automatic tax hikes for all americans, and drastic cuts in federal spending. there is no plan to change a controversial practice of changing votes after a practice passes or fails. about half of those sworn in last week are new to the job.
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during the past session, aseem belie members changed their votes more than 5,000 times. the practice does not affect the outcome of a bill but it disallow lawmakers to hide or distort their vote. the u.s. postal service is working to make it a little easier for customers around the bay area. >> reporter: business was brisk at this san francisco post office, not so unusual for the holiday season. but what was unusual was the post office was open today. on a sunday. it was just one of a handful of post offices open today and next sunday, december 16. >> it helps a lot. we really appreciate it. i think the whole neighborhood appreciates it. >> we're grateful that it's open on sunday. >> reporter: the locations taking part include offices in san francisco on sloat, and at
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the airport. also, at the east ridge mall in san jose. >> we're hoping that we're in time for christmas. if we waited too much longer, i'm afraid it would not get there by christmas. >> the bay valley postal district is also adding special collections next sunday. the postal service says monday, december 17, a week from tomorrow will be the busiest mailing day of the year. that's when they expect 655 million cards, letters, and packages being processed nationwide. the best way to avoid the rush is to mail them as early as possible. advice not lost on a san jose woman sending out gifts to relatives out of state. >> she filled up these two big boxes, because she wanted to get it out first thing. >> those post offices taking part will be open until 3:00 p.m. software cofounder, john mcafee speaks to reporters tonight from the detention
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center where he's being held in guatemala. where he says he wants to go, next. plus a popular singer dies in a plane crash. where investigators found the small plane wreckage carrying jenni rivera. >> out on bail. what the attorney for dallas cowboy lineman josh brent had to say a day after he was arrested for the deadly crash that killed a teammate. >> we're still locked in a dry weather pattern. coming up, a temperature change you can expect for tomorrow. the timing of a major cool trend, and when shower chances return in our five-day forecast. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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from an immigration detention facility, john mcafee says he wants to return to the united states. he is wanted in belize for the questioning about the november 11 death of his neighbor. speaking to reporters tonight, he said he had nothing to do
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with the killing, and his hope is to return to the u.s. to settle down. dallas cowboy lineman, josh brent was released from jail after his arrest for an accident that killed his teammate. he walked out of jail, after posting a half million dollars bond. place say he was driving under the influence at a high rate of speed when he flipped and the car caught fire. brown was pronounced dead at the hospital. brent's attorney says brent, and brown's family are both struggling with the loss. >> the focus right now is jerry brown's family. he is torn up. it is not a good moment for anybody right now. and i've got to take care of my client, and we've got to take care of jerry brown's family, do whatever we can to make amends as best as we can.
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obviously, you can't bring somebody back. >> brent was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter. he could face significant jail time if convicted. in news of the world tonight, the father of jenni rivera confirms tonight that the 43-year-old died when the plane crashed. they took off from monterey, mexico this morning, when the plane went down. it was found in mountainous terrain. rivera is a native of long beach. she was the subject of a popular reality show. the magazine, people in espanol
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named her to the 25 most popular women. closing down the airport for several hours this weekend. in serbia, rescue teams struggled to reach passengers stranded in cars and buses. listen to this. one woman gave birth to a healthy baby, while stranded on the side of the road. she named that little girl, snow white. in india, take a look at these pictures. an elephant and her calf needed human intervention after they fell into a well. the mother couldn't help push her calf to safety. rescuers brought in a tractor to help lift the calf out, as you can see, it worked. india is home to more than 50% of the world's asiatic elephants. a labor dispute didn't interrupt a culinary tradition. >> and making green from green. how to use a newly passed marijuana law to boost their bottom line.
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it was a sellout crowd today at fisherman's wharf. crabbers continue to strike over the cost of the crustacean. >> reporter: worried the crab fest might be a bust when he learned local crabbers were on strike. >> it's kind of ironic, because i only learned about it a couple of days ago. >> reporter: he was happy to find plenty of crabs to try. organizers say supply for this event was not an issue. their restaurants were prepared. >> when the crab prices go low, or just the beginning of the season, a lot of the
10:30 pm
restaurants will stockpile, and buy a lot of and then freed it for future use. >> reporter: the chef served crab, and tomato bruschetta, he told us the strike was impacting business. >> it's really hard for residents to work right now, because fisherman's wharf is what you come for. >> reporter: out at the wharf crab boats were idle. we found these sitting around, honoring the local three port strike. >> there's got to be some sort of unity. you've got to stand by your values in anything you do. >> reporter: the wharf is quiet tonight, but crabbers are hoping that will change soon. the crab association president would not talk about what the price spread was, but did say the fishermen were meeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to decide what to do.
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meantime, the union representing workers at the port of oakland says its members are freed to ratify a four yearcontract. the deal comes after more than 500 workers walked off the job last month. it includes a $3,500 signing bonus for each employee. the union says the next step is to provide it to the union of port commissioners for approval. in washington state, at least one business owner wants to take advantage of the marijuana law for recreational use. a bar owner in olympia has a private room upstairs where cigarette smoking is allowed. with not many people showing up, frank is hoping pot smoking will improve his bottom line. >> i have no customers. to bring in another type of a person to come in my
10:32 pm
establishment it is plus for me. >> local lawmakers are trying to anticipate what federal authorities might do. among the options, the u.s. could sue the state and try to prevent legal marijuana growing or selling. or try to cut funding, similar to states in the 1980s, to raise the minimum drinking age. men low park police have arrested a man for an attempted shooting. police arrested 24-year-old jeffrey smith of truckee as he ledgedly fled that scene. no one was injured in that is shooting. gazelle estebon is due to be sentenced tomorrow. she faces at least 25 years in prison for her first degree murder conviction. a jury found her guilty in octave killing michelle le in
10:33 pm
hayward. prosecutors say she killed le out of jealousy, because she thought her ex-boyfriend was having a romantic relationship with le. the search is on for two women caught using a stolen credit card. the women appear to be in a black toy yet suv with three sun roofs. the credit card was stolen in sausalito. if you recognize the women, police want to hear from you. you might have noticed a bit of a relief at the gas pump. the price of a gallon of gas has dropped 10 cents. in the bay area, a gallon runs about 3:71 in san francisco. $3.59 in oakland, and $5.57 in san jose. the ninth straight week of falling prices. analysts predict they're going to keep going down.
10:34 pm
officials for the smart train are asking local officials for a large summary of federal transportation funds. they put in a request for $6.6 million to buy more train cars at this year's prizes. it only has about $10 million in funding, and dealing with $38 million in requests from various cities and counties. a decision is expected tomorrow. this weekend santa was seen in san francisco, mingling with the city's four legged friends. he made a stop at the prescott hotel for this year's santa paws. he was there this afternoon to pose for photos with pets and their owners. for the most part, things went pretty smoothly. >> dogs have been going after santa's beard. we're toying with a little built of a hair issue, but for the most part they were well behaved. >> also, it was to raise funds
10:35 pm
for local shelters. for a $10 donation, people received a cd of their photo. a lot of good looking dogs there. how the 49ers and their fans and the san francisco police department pitched in to help local kids. >> it reached 70 degrees in some areas. mark is up next to tell us if we can expect more of the same for your workweek.
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we are wrapping up just a beautiful weekend out there. look at 71 degrees in santa
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rosa, oakland maxed out at 70. san jose 67. pacifica in the mid-60s. the satellite loop not much in the way of cloud cover. we can probably tell you we will have more rain showers to track over the next few days. not for tonight, and not for tomorrow. temperatures have been dropping off a bit over the past few hours, as you would expect. already in the 40s, toward fairfield, and napa. santa rosa, currently 50 degrees. downtown san francisco right now in the upper 50s. forecast headline for tonight. fair skies, chilly out there as we showed you. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. it will be mild once again for the afternoon hours. the cooling trend, we will be tracking more showers. overnight lows, first thing monday morning, get ready for school and work. temperatures in the upper 30s. san francisco, 46, san jose 44 degrees. steve paulson will be here early tomorrow morning, beginning at 4:30, tracking the
10:39 pm
cold temperatures that start out near monday. high pressure is still in command of our weather. the dry weather pattern continues. it will be mild to warm for monday. this cooler air begins to sweep into the region. also a few extra high clouds. a major drop off in temperatures by wednesday. by wednesday, we will be tracking rain showers first thing for the morning commute. we could have patchy, dense fog develop, especially toward the central valley. even in some of the inland valleys once again. a few patches out there. partly, to mostly sunny for the afternoon hours. an increase in the cloud cover. no rainfall yet. by tuesday evening, the leading edge of the shower activity begins to push into the region, and spreading to the south first thing wednesday morning. also, a major drop off in temperatures, as that cold air moves into the region. still the possibility of a few scattered showers for wednesday afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 60s. these numbers about the same as
10:40 pm
today, or just a little cooler. san jose, 66. half moon bay, 63. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast, tuesday, we're calling that the transition day. look what happens after that. cool showers, especially for wednesday morning. maybe a leftover sprinkle thursday. we could have drizzle by friday. we still have to iron out the details with shower possibilities on saturday and sunday. if you like the sunshine and the warm temperatures, the kind of deceiving with the cold start in the morning, but the afternoon will be beautiful. 49er fans had a chance today to make christmas brighter for some deserving children. operation dream organizers held their annual toy drive at candlestick park. the 49ers and the san francisco police department are also partners in the event. asked to donate new, unwrapped toys, or give cash. volunteers shared a lot of
10:41 pm
enthusiasm for the event. >> needy kids that need toys. we're helping them today. only today, once a year. let's help these kids get some toys this year. >> the toys will be distributed to kids who live in san francisco's public housing. >> you're looking forward to the weather? >> so are you. it was a wild week 14 in the nfl. we will have complete highlights of today's game. >> plus we hear from the niners. n
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good evening, welcome to this late sunday night edition
10:44 pm
of sports wrap. only three games remain in the nfl's regular season. all important. the game against the miami dolphins, a must win. by now, it's been established alex smith is the backup quarterback to colin kaepernick. smith gets one of his two sacks. the defense did not allow a touchdown until the 4th quarter. the 49ers got a big break early in the 3rd. the muffed punt recovered by stillman. frank gore burrows into the end zone. the 49ers went on an y dixon pu from there to make it 20-6. the dolphins weren't finished. anthony fasano in the back of the end zone. a super effort ak


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